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About the Talent Pipeline

Data2Bots Talent Pipeline Program is a comprehensive six-month initiative aimed at upskilling, job matching, and relocating IT Professionals to the Netherlands. It links skilled Talents to the clients that require their skills.
The program will provide candidates with a multi-phase upskilling approach in;
  • Training with the best software development best practices to meet industry standards
  • Project management, (understanding Agile using the Scrum framework) and;
  • Comprehensive development of soft skills for effective communication with clients.
By focusing on practical learning and real-life projects, we provide our candidates with exposure to challenging, diverse and exciting projects that drive skills improvement, knowledge, and culture shifts needed to start working in the international tech space. Unleash your full potential with our transformative program today.
team picture
team picture

Benefits of the Talent Pipeline Program

Upskilling to become a data professional

One-on-One Mentorship

Work Flexibility

Industry recognized certification

Job Placement

Relocation to Europe

Some Organisations Empowered With Our Successful Talents

The Talent Pipeline Roadmap


After successfully completing the recruitment process, selected candidates are integrated into the program and undergo a 30-day screening and evaluation period.

Conditional Acceptance

Candidates who have been conditionally accepted into the Talent Pipeline program will undergo a 60-day period in this phase, after which an evaluation will be conducted.

Unconditional Acceptance

This phase marks the end of the upskilling process and sets the stage for the introduction of our talents to our esteemed clients who require their specialised services. This phase spans a duration of 60 days.


Upon acceptance of a Talent by a client, the migration process begins, it spans for 30 days.

Need Some Insight into how the Talent Pipeline program is structured , take a look at the Data Engineering Mind Map below
map illustration

Here is what some of the candidates have to say

Stella Mutacho

Data Engineer

My time at the Talent Pipeline has helped me grow my skills to match the requirements of the global data industry. I was guided by a team of experienced professionals who have been through a similar journey. Moreover, I worked on challenging business problems for clients and that pushed me to become a world class Data Engineer.

Paul Ajakaye

Data Engineer

I’ve had a fantastic experience so far. I have learned a lot and feel excited about the opportunities this program has provided me plus the growth in my career.

Isreal Ukavwe

Data Engineer

My experience with the Talent Pipeline has been one of my life's best learning experiences, to be guided by persons who are more than willing to see one excel is the best thing that can happen to anyone!

Testimonials of our IT Consultants

Meet Israel, a pioneer of the Talent Pipeline program. We supported him in getting his first Industry certificate (AWS), provided a job placement with T-Mobile and helped with his relocation to Europe from Nigeria. He now works and lives in the Netherlands.


This is Joshua, he started as an intern before migrating to the Talent Pipeline program. As time went on, he began to explore the data space through different career paths. Then he discovered that he didn't just want to work with data, he wanted to enable others to harness it. He now works and lives in the Netherlands.


Oghosa has been enthusiastic about solving technical problems. He started his journey from data analysis to data science, until he became a Data Engineer at Data2Bots. He now works and lives in the Netherlands. Watch his story here.


Paul is a true problem-solving enthusiast. He embarked on his technical journey as a backend developer, honing his skills to become a proficient Data Engineer. Today, he proudly serves as a Data engineer consultant at Data2Bots and lives in Netherlands. Learn more about his remarkable journey here.


Stella's enthusiasm for solving technical problems is truly commendable. She began her journey in data analysis and worked her way up to become a Data Engineer at Data2Bots. She now resides and works in the Netherlands. Hear her story here.


Here are some of our Frequently asked questions

What is Data2Bots Talent Pipeline?
The Data2Bots Talent Pipeline Program is an extensive and meticulously designed six-month initiative focused on the holistic development of IT professionals. Our program is strategically crafted to encompass multifaceted objectives, which include upskilling individuals to align with the dynamic demands of the industry, facilitating seamless job matching that harmonizes skill sets with employer requisites, and orchestrating a smooth and supported relocation process to the vibrant tech landscape of the Netherlands.

At its core, this program aims to bridge the gap between burgeoning talents and thriving professional opportunities. Through a blend of rigorous training, immersive skill enhancement, and personalized guidance, participants undergo a transformative journey that equips them with cutting-edge proficiencies and industry-relevant expertise. As a result, they are primed to excel in their respective roles and contribute meaningfully to the tech ecosystem.

Our program's distinctive emphasis on job matching ensures that the skills cultivated during the training phase align seamlessly with the roles and responsibilities offered by our esteemed network of partner companies. This meticulous alignment guarantees that participants are not only empowered with knowledge but also positioned for professional success from day one.

Moreover, recognizing the importance of global exposure and international collaboration, the Data2Bots Talent Pipeline Program extends its commitment to aiding participants in their relocation to the Netherlands. We facilitate a well-structured transition, providing invaluable support and resources to ease the relocation process and acclimate participants to their new environment. By offering comprehensive guidance and assistance, we ensure that participants can focus entirely on their professional growth and seamless integration into the Dutch tech landscape.

In summary, the Data2Bots Talent Pipeline Program is a comprehensive and forward-looking initiative that goes beyond conventional upskilling endeavors. By synergizing training, job matching, and relocation support, we pave the way for IT professionals to unlock their full potential, thrive in their careers, and enrich the global tech community through their enhanced capabilities and contributions.
How long will the program last?
The program will last for six(6) months. Exceptional candidates may have a shorter timeline.
What are the benefits of the program?
The program offers candidates a comprehensive range of upskilling opportunities, including training in Agile project management methodologies like Scrum, development of essential soft skills, coverage of industry-standard software development practices, exposure to diverse projects, one-on-one mentorship, and support in obtaining industry-recognized certificates such as cloud certification in AWS, GCP and Azure.
These varied approaches ensure that candidates develop a well-rounded skill set, equipping them for success in the IT industry and enhancing their employability. Candidates that are unconditionally accepted are given a remuneration package.
Is the program free?
Yes. This program is free.
What roles are available in the program?
Candidates can check the website for any open roles in the Talent Pipeline program
What to expect after the post-application process before the upskilling commences?
Please be advised that upon submitting your application, eligible candidates will receive a confirmation email detailing the subsequent steps in the process.
What are the requirements to join the Data2Bots Talent Pipeline?
  • - A minimum of 3 years of relevant work experience in your IT field
  • - A relevant bachelor's degree in engineering or sciences
  • - Excellent programming skills.
Does the program provide mentorship/one-on-one training?
Candidates will have the valuable opportunity to work closely with a dedicated one-on-one mentor who will guide and assist them in upskilling and mastering key aspects of their chosen IT profession.
What happens after successfully completing the program?
We begin to introduce our talents to clients who seek their valuable services. When a Talent is selected and accepts the job offer, we begin the relocation process.
Will candidates pay for their relocation to Europe?
No, in the event that you are hired by Data2Bots Netherlands or by one of our partner companies, full responsibility for your employment will rest with your employer. This includes handling all related expenses such as work permits, flight tickets, and other associated costs.
For more information, who do I reach out to?
You can always send an email to talentpipeline@data2bots.com , and we would be glad to help you.

Reach out to us if you have any other questions

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